Made to be Awesome, 08/08/16

Happy Monday! Today we started off with this great clip, there is no way you can watch this video and NOT be motivated. Perhaps you can guess our topic for today – teamwork (I’m sure over the course of August you will see many variations on this topic!). One of the challenges I’m sure many … Continue reading

Get Out of the Harbor, 08/05/16

Due to an early morning run to the airport, I’m a bit delayed in posting today’s message. However, thanks to technology and podcasts, we were still able to do our daily devotion even while on the road. Over the past months, I’ve become a big fan of Rick Warren’s Daily Hope;   it’s a great way … Continue reading

AT Update – Possible Return?

Friends, it’s been a great while since I’ve posted an update on the “whatever happened to your section hike?” question. Last time I posted (and that was back in April, I believe), I was optimistic that my son & I would return. However, at the very last possible minute he brought to my attention an … Continue reading

Obedience Leads to Happiness, 08/04/2016

The 10-year old son prepared today’s devotion. I was curious what he’d come up with that would support the broad topic of leadership, and he surprised me by coming up with a discussion on the leadership trait of obedience. OBEDIENCE!!! To start, he read Genesis 6:9-22 in which Noah was commanded to build the Ark: … Continue reading

Daily Devotions for Our Homeschool

As our 2015-2016 school year came to a close, I started looking ahead for ways to improve on our homeschool experience. One of the ideas to come about was that of a daily devotion. In and of itself, that’s not really a groundbreaking idea…many families do this each day. In fact, we USED to, but … Continue reading