New roads, new beginnings

fantasy-220092_640Another year has come and gone. Much too quickly. For me, it was a year about endings and new beginnings. For 10 years, I ran an advertising business, and in 2013, I decided I was ready for something else. Over the years, the business had done well but I was no longer passionate. My heart just wasn’t in looking for new business, and frankly the stress of it all was getting to me. At the same time, my kids were not happy in their school environment.

So, after some thought, I became a homeschooler. Being a stay-at-home-mom, let alone a homeschooler, was never a road I was interested in exploring…until this year. And, I must admit, since I made that leap, I haven’t been happier. It’s opened many new roads of adventure, such as being able to travel more (to name just one).

So, as I sit here on New Year’s Eve waiting on my shrimp to boil, I’m not only reflecting back over this last year but trying to look forward. What can I make better, particularly in the areas of my homeschool and kid raising, and what NEW adventures do I want to have…not just for me, but for my children as well?

Earlier in the year, I went skiing for the first time, and that was a blast. It’s on the agenda again for this year, except this time, I’m getting lessons for my kids. In the summer, I went to the Kentucky Derby with dear friend Heidi, then my kids and I traveled to Pennsylvania, then drove to Colorado and back home to Tennessee. We had several stops on the way, to include the Creation Museum, the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, the St. Louis Arch (yes, we rode all the way to the top!), The Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Museum in Kansas,the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado (not to mention the always-beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park), and Capulin Volcano Monument.

We had a fantastic garden over the summer, and my daughter won blue ribbons for her chickens at the county fair. July saw all of us competing at a taekwondo World Event in New Orleans. First off, the food was fantastic. Second, I just have two words: Gold Medals.  It was awesome. On the way back, we stayed at the famous Oak Alley Plantation, and visited Vicksburg National Military Park. One of my big pushes for 2013 was getting more organized around the house, and I’m happy to report that has seen much progress. I’d say it was a pretty full year!

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been looking ahead to 2014. What do I want to accomplish, not just as a parent/homeschooler, but as an individual? What challenges can I give to myself? What do I want to learn, to improve upon? I’ve long since learned not to make my list TOO long, otherwise I’ll get overwhelmed. I’ve also learned not to make my complete list public, so I’ll give you a snippet of some of the ‘2014 Initiatives:’

  • Make it to the Grand Canyon.
  • Go to the Outer Banks (this has been on my list for at least 2 years now…but things keep popping up. It was to be a solo trip…but I think I’ll wind up taking kids).
  • Become a better photographer – I’m taking all these trips, my photos need to be clear and not over-exposed!
  • Be a better spiritual example for my children.
  • Continue to train in taekwondo. This time next year, I’ll be preparing for my black belt test.

So, what’s on your list? Many folks say they “don’t do” resolutions…but I think most folks also think of resolutions as simply “giving up” things – giving up eating sweets, giving up soda, etc etc.  Or losing weight. I think it’s gotten a rather bad rap over the years, rather than being seen as an opportunity for growth. Too, so many times, I see folks saying “I hope 2014 is better!” This statement makes me want to clobber them over the head; it’s up to US to make the year better. No one’s going to hand you a silver platter with the perfect life. Step up, take some ownership of your life, and make it happen! NOW is the time!!  No one but you has that power…so what will you do?!

2 thoughts on “New roads, new beginnings

  1. Very good post Stacy. No resolutions for me this year … I’m gonna call them GOALS for 2014 !! Keep up the good work.

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