Diamonds vs. Pig Crap

“Diamonds and pig crap. Diamond can’t change pig crap, nor vice versa. Get the diamond out of the midst of the pig crap and its value is appreciated more.” – family friend John Hawkins

diamond-500872_1280  vs. pig-283794_1280

Some time ago, I received a message from the above-mentioned friend. I had shared some personal experiences with him and in return he shared his message; that like diamonds that form under high temperature and pressure, so too will my journey form and evolve into something amazing. I believe that we are ALL destined for great things, in different capacities. Now, whether we all take advantage of opportunities presented to us – or not – is another matter. Some of us like to play the victim, our lack of success is everyone else’s fault. Some of us are terrified, we are afraid to make any decision for fear of the consequences – good or bad. Some of us surround ourselves with the naysayers, the Debbie Downers, or other folks who do all they can to hold us back, and then we allow those folks to drag us down to their depths of negativity. And so and so on.

For me (and I’m sure, many of you), my journey has been up and down. Sometimes, the road has been amazing! Other times…well, not so amazing. Terrible, in fact. Bad decisions on my part caused bad situation after bad situation. Fortunately, though, I started to recognize what was causing the bad situations and I could adjust. I believe that is one good thing about getting older, recognizing those patterns and making better choices.

The formula is simple, make good decisions. Maintain positivity in my life by surrounding myself with uplifting and motivational people. Do not allow “drama.” Be careful about what I watch, what I listen to, and take care of myself. Recognize that not everyone cares about MY best interest.  And, that is OK. I think as I’ve gotten older – and maybe this is true for you, too – that I’m able to recognize who actually cares, and who does not. That’s where the pig crap comes in. Are those around me (or you?) building up, encouraging, and motivating…and helping my (your?) diamond to shine? Or, are they dragging us down into the pig sty?

By the way, if you want to check out more of John’s straight and to the point leadership techniques and strategies, visit his website.

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