Twenty Wishes

20wishesFor Christmas, I was given the book “Twenty Wishes,” written by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Debbie Macomber. Although I enjoy reading Macomber’s books, I don’t exactly seek them out, and they’re more of a “guilty pleasure,” for when I have the time. I certainly didn’t pick up this book expecting it to make an impact in my family.

“If I’m going to make a list,” Lillie piped up, “it won’t be about eating cauliflower and going jogging. Instead, I’d plan to do some of the things I’ve put off for years.”

-from the book “Twenty Wishes,” by Debbie Macomber

This quote, and the paragraphs that followed, got me to thinking. Around New Year’s each year, I do make a list…I wouldn’t call them “resolutions,” more of a goals list. How many of those goals have I had the best intentions with, but not finished? A lot! How many times have I said, “I wish I would’ve…??” Or, how many times have I said, “I sure would love to learn how to….??” How many times have YOU said “I wish I would’ve/could’ve?”

What if this year, I decided to finish all those things I’ve started, or do something I’ve always wanted to do?

Now, I’m not talking earth-shattering projects. I’m talking more of finishing that crazy quilt I started, the organizational project that never seems to be 100% done, my office that’s never quite “put together,” and so on and so on.  Like the book, there’s no fun in doing this alone. I decided to bring it up to the family – more out of curiosity as to what would be on their lists. Immediately, I heard, “go to the Grand Canyon,” and “drive to California!” My daughter surprised me with her enthusiasm; later that night, she pecked away on her typewriter to produce her own Twenty Wishes list, which she then hung proudly on the refrigerator. I’m still waiting on everyone else’s list…something like this does require a bit of time to think on. I’m not even finished with mine yet!

So, my friends, no big “New Year’s Resolutions” this year! Instead a list to complete those things I’ve put off, or just didn’t complete, for years. There may be some new learning experiences on there, as well (fly fishing? jiu jitsu? – stay tuned!).

I challenge you to join me! What would be on your list?

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