It’s Here: Eve of VisionQuest !!!

Amicalola FallsWe have arrived at Amicalola Falls State Park! We got here at 2:15, a bit late, and met our hiking companions. They had flown in to Atlanta from Florida, took the train, and then Survival Dave’s shuttle brought them to the state park. My friend’s pack weighed in at 22 pounds….I didn’t even weigh mine as I know it’s at least 30. We hiked up the Approach Trail to the lodge; this part of the Approach Trail was only 1.1 mile, but we hiked up the 604 stairs that led to the top of Amicalola Falls. We passed quite a few folks, lots of kids, lots of dogs, and one guy had a ferret.

I was pleasantly surprised at the lodge; I was expecting something a bit more rustic, but the lodge was beautiful with stunning views. We checked in with ease, and met for dinner shortly after 5:00. Tonight’s buffet was a surf & turf, which was very excellent. Now, it’s going on 7:00 and I’m already in bed typing up my update.


Ready to hit the trail!We will meet for breakfast tomorrow morning around 7:00, then set off after that. Hopefully, we will wind up at Gooch Mountain Shelter tomorrow night. The current weather forecast is “clear, with a low around 29. North wind 5 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph. ” Yikes. Looks like we’ll be putting our 15˚ bags and wool base layers to the test. Sunday night, we should be at Gooch Mountain Shelter, and the forecasted low is 44˚. Night after that, we should be spending the evening at the Woods Hole Shelter.

20160408_165250Our bags are ready to go, our water supply is ready, and I can’t think of anything else – other than being envious of my friend’s 22 pound bag!! We should be in Neel’s Gap in a few days, and I can hopefully post an update at that time via Facebook.

4 thoughts on “It’s Here: Eve of VisionQuest !!!

  1. Beautiful waterfall! Praying you guys have a great trip and make some pretty awesome memories that Alice & Ben will never forget 😊

  2. Thank you for posting pictures as well as filling us in on your adventure. I’d like to download a picture of something sometime with your consent.
    Have a pleasant and very safe journey. My thoughts and prayers are with you all always.
    Again, Thank you

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