Day 7 / 8 – Should we stay or should we go?

Friday – Saturday, April 15 – 16, 2016

ZERO miles.

Going back home wasn’t supposed to be an option.

However, that’s exactly what we were doing. I was so frustrated I just threw in the towel and I’d had enough of my kids complaining. Paul arrived to pick us up and he had a backup plan. He would take Alice home, he said, and Ben & I could continue. I said, NO! I’m not going back out to listen to complaining, that’s not what this trip was supposed to be about. So, we checked out of the cabin and headed to the Blairsville airport to fly back home.

Once home, I had several discussions with Paul about the situation. It wasn’t so much the “quitting,” than it was about everyone’s attitude.

Having said that, I enjoyed my own bed last night.

I’ve had a chance to cool my jets and it’s Saturday afternoon as I write this.

Ben wants to continue. Alice has until dinner tonight to make her decision. If Ben & I DO go, and she opts not to go, she will be sitting in an office at her dad’s workplace doing school work.

To me, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if we didn’t continue if it was something I’d only spent a few days planning. However, I put 8 months into planning this trip. A TON of money on gear, clothes, etc. If I quit now, I know I’ll regret it.

So….do we stay or do we go?

Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Day 7 / 8 – Should we stay or should we go?

  1. Hi Stacy, this is Julie, I met you at the hotel in Dahlonega. So glad to hear that you and Ben are going to continue on the AT. Zach is making good progress, he met up with another guy at the beginning of the trail and they have been hiking together (I will tell you that made 2 mothers happy). I have been keeping up with your blog along with Storm and Trooper’s post of FB. Looking forward to more post on your adventure!!

    • Oh my goodness, it’s great to hear from you! So glad that Zach is still making progress, I was curious! Thank you so much for following our posts; we are looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow!

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