Inside Out Leadership, 08/01/2016

help-1300942_640Our first devotion is a great audio clip from, and discusses letting our inner self out so that we can better connect with other people.

Interestingly enough, this is something I REALLY struggle with on a day-to-day basis, so I suppose it was fitting this was the first one.

The link above has some great points to discuss, and the following 6 items were the discussion points for our family:

  1. What does inside out mean?  Letting your inner self to connect with other people.
  2. What is leadership?  Influence
  3. Who has influenced more people in the history of the world?  Jesus
  4. What does Jesus ask us to do?  Reach out to others and lift them up.
  5. What is Character?  Living honestly with integrity.
  6. How do you make a difference in the world?  Live with purpose, trust God, and Believe.

©Stacy DeSmet, 2016

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