AT Update – Possible Return?

hiking-1318457_640Friends, it’s been a great while since I’ve posted an update on the “whatever happened to your section hike?” question. Last time I posted (and that was back in April, I believe), I was optimistic that my son & I would return. However, at the very last possible minute he brought to my attention an issue with his foot, and I decided it wouldn’t be in his best interest to continue at that time.

Now, I have a very difficult time dealing with goals not being met, which is why I’ve shied away from posting about it. However, I have been working on that!  It’s been in the back of my mind to return to the trail yet this year, and it seems we may now have the opportunity to do so, just not in the way I had planned (which was picking up where we left off).

We will be going to Pennsylvania in a few weeks to visit family. My dad has graciously offered to go out backpacking with us for a few days, and it just so happens the AT runs right through the area that we’ll be visiting. So, dare I get excited?!  I’ll have to dig our hiking gear out of the storage boxes and dust it off!

The cool thing is that I did learn a lot of stuff on our first attempt; and I would say I’ll keep and continue to use 90% of the gear and equipment we used back in April. The one thing I do want to change is our water filtering system. So, that is something for me to research and figure out.

Onward and Upward!

©Stacy DeSmet

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