Get Out of the Harbor, 08/05/16

No matter what kind of ship you have built, it's time to get it out of the harbor!

No matter what kind of ship you have built, it’s time to get it out of the harbor!

Due to an early morning run to the airport, I’m a bit delayed in posting today’s message. However, thanks to technology and podcasts, we were still able to do our daily devotion even while on the road. Over the past months, I’ve become a big fan of Rick Warren’s Daily Hope;   it’s a great way to start the day, and gives me a lot to ponder on throughout the day’s happenings.

For today’s devotion, I wanted to revisit a topic that I believe is vital to everyone, not just leaders, and that is stepping out of your comfort zone, getting out of your box, or in this case, Getting Your Ship Out of the Harbor, Part 1.

I would encourage you to take a listen, and if you’re inclined, subscribe to the daily podcasts. We have tried to live by this theme, and we stress it to the children on a daily basis. One of the big sayings in our house is, “don’t follow a follower.” What we mean by that is, step up (ie get out of the harbor) and be a leader. Whether you’re an adult or child, you can apply this, even in small measures. Perhaps your child has times when they’re around less-than-stellar behaving kids. Your child can be a leader by choosing to not follow negative behavior, and model good behavior as an example to others.

When the children do tasks around the house without being asked or told is worthy of commendation. We will often say, “way to step up and be a leader,” when they do something outside of their normal chore list. The same is true at our taekwondo school, whenever a student steps up to volunteer to do something OR models exemplary behavior, that student is always called out and commended with a “way to step up and be a leader!” We are fortunate to have such an awesome school, but we look at it as a partner in raising our kids to be leaders.

We, as parents, constantly look for examples to point out to our children on how to live as a leader, and step out of that box…to not “be” that ship that’s stuck in the harbor. What’s really cool to me, is that for years we have stressed this to our children, and now at the ages of 12 and 10 they are starting to see what we have been trying to teach them. They are starting to recognize the benefits of stepping out, not following a follower, and getting their ship out of the harbor.

It’s truly an awesome thing!

How do you instill leadership qualities into your children?

©Stacy DeSmet


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