This site, like my life, is NOT perfect. It is unorganized in places, eclectic, and most importantly, it is evolving. Come into my home and you will see the same – disorganization in my kitchen most of the time, and there is an eclectic mix of antiques and contemporary art throughout. And, well, my life…as my closest friends know, the past several years have definitely been an evolution that continues; it is definitely a process.

This site is a way for me to record happenings and random musings, and in the process, hopefully inspire some of you in some form or fashion.

In the past, I have tried different approaches to getting a “focus” on this site, and frankly, it simply didn’t work because I was trying to force myself to be just one thing. And, I’m not just one thing. I’m a former business owner who, after a 10-year successful run in advertising, retired to pursue  being a stay-at-home homeschooling mom to two kids. I’m into being healthy, but am no means strict about what I eat. I love to eat and enjoy cooking as well as dining out. I am extremely active, and am a martial artist. I love to travel; planning road trips with my kids is one of my favorite activities. I’m a “new” Christian and am continuing to grow in Christ. So, that’s it in a nutshell!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. We are also a home school family but with twist. My husband is the home school teacher. We have a small family karate business and 4 children ages 21, 16,14, and 12. Sounds like you have a good home school and blogging journey in progress! Congrats!
    We learn something new every day…

    • Thank you for your note! I ran across your blog this morning and am really enjoying reading your posts. This blog, like homeschooling and earning (well, still working on this one) a black belt, is definitely a journey with ups & downs. Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

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